Originated in 2006, Morhana is one of the first polish folk-metal bands. It combines heavy and melodic sounds, achieving a balance between folk music, and heavy, but yet characteristic metal. Morhana’s inspiration comes from different parts of the world – from quick and lively Bretonian themes to melancholic thus melodic Slavic tunes. As for the text, another mix – most of them refer to Norse mythology.

The presence of classical instruments gives the songs lightness, which, combined with a heavy guitar background, creates a unique, explosive blend. Vocals – on the one hand, male and strong, guttural, on the other female, high-pitched and clean, are creating a unique character of the band and making it complex, thus complete.

The band has two demo CDs, an EP, and a full-length LP entitled “When The Earth Was Forged”, released in December 2015 by Art Of The Night Productions. Morhana regularly performs, often with the world’s forefront of the genre, such as Turisas, Korpiklaani, Metsatoll, Alestorm, Waylander, Dalriada, Grai, Welicoruss, Woodscream, star of Russian heavy metal scene – Aria, as well as legendary polish heavy metal band Turbo or folk scene stars like Percival Shuttenbach, Żywiołak. The band is also a co-organizer of a nationwide tour of Folk Metal Night, where it regularly invites all current Polish and foreign bands. As the first band in the history of PKP (Polish National Railways), Morhana performed a concert (using sound system) on a riding train, carrying participants of the Woodstock Festival 2011. In addition, Morhana performed on many motorcycle rallies, won contests and reviews of young bands, and it’s members are instrumental aid in many Warsaw-based bands.

Morhana When The Earth Was Forged




Maciej "Dzidek" Dzido

Maciej “Dzidek” Dzido

Karina "Kari" Duczyńska

Karina “Kari” Duczyńska

Grzegorz "Zombeck" Lewandowski

Grzegorz “Zombeck” Lewandowski


Mariusz "Tarzan" Pisarski

Mariusz “Tarzan” Pisarski

Igor Pisarek

Igor Pisarek